Camper/Kids Application

Royal Family Kids of Salt Lake Utah is part of an international network of camps for abused, neglected, and abandoned children.  Each year, children ages 7-11 years old in foster care can experience a week of positive memories with trained, caring adults who volunteer their time to this camp.  In addition to the camp, Royal Family Kids provides a monthly mentoring club as well.

The Starfish Story While walking on the beach one day, a man saw a Starfish by the shore, and everywhere he looked it seemed, he saw a thousand more. Then what to his surprise appeared? A boy of nine or ten, and as the Starfish washed ashore, he threw them back again. The man smiled at his exuberance and noted his frustration. “One fish won’t make a difference son: You can’t change this situation.” The boy stopped and picked up one more fish, then looking right at the man, “I can make a difference for this one sir,” and returned it to the sea. So, the man went and gathered all his friends, his brothers and his cousins. They joined in with that little boy and saved Starfish by the dozens. There are still many to be rescued—many Starfish on life’s shore. And you can make a difference too— by saving just one more. C.A. Milbrant